Earthquake in Nepal


The earthquake which was about the power 7.9 on the Richter scale was the strongest in Nepal in over 80 years. The earthquake occurred on the 25th of April, 2015 in the Nepalese district of Lamjung. The number of earthquake victims in Nepal has risen to over 7 thousand dead and many of those who survived have lost all their belongings. The Nepalese police have so far confirmed the death of 57 foreigners and another 109 also considered to be missing, including 12 Russians and nine Americans.

The earthquake also claimed victims in neighboring regions; most of them in India, where over 60 people died, and Tibet, where 20 people were also reported dead.

The UN/ONZ estimates that as a result of the disaster, about 8.1 million people have been affected. This is more than one-quarter of the 28 million Nepalese population.

How to help the Nepalese?

International Medical Corps:

The International Medical Corps is already in place to help the injured and the needy and to provide the necessary medical assistance and medicines in regions most affected by the earthquake. Your donation will provide support for victims, and help restore health and contribute to the reconstruction of Nepal.

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Oxfam International:

Oxfam International provides clean water, food and shelter to the injured. The Foundation builds sanitation facilities in camps for victims.

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UNICEF Rescue Action:

UNICEF workers are in Nepal and they are doing everything to help the injured. People gather in dense camps and the risk of outbreaks increases from day to day. Therefore the Nepalese Ministry of Health, with the support of UNICEF and WHO (World Health Organization), inaugurated the campaign for the vaccination of children most vulnerable to diseases. The vaccination campaign is to cover more than half a million children.

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How to find loved ones?

Google launched an application where you can get information about missing persons. The applications can also include information about persons who have been found.

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Facebook also created an application that will help if you are close to a natural disaster. It also enables you inform your friends about the fact that everything is alright, and see if they are also safe. You can also check the list of your friends who may be threatened by disaster.

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